Welcome, and thank you for visiting my website Filiforme.

Filiforme (adjective) - threadlike; having the form of thread. 

My ceramics are inspired by many of the uses of threads and fibres ( knitting, crochet, embroidery, lace making and sewing). They are a celebration of the creativity of women and girls who typically have employed the needle arts over centuries, albeit translated into the medium of ceramics. 

Nature is also an inspiration, particularly the intricate tracery of the elms that line the streets of the city where I live. My porcelain lanterns reflect that influence. 

All items are made by me, in my home studio. My work is made from hand rolled slabs of clay or of liquid clay (slip). i pay special attention to surfaces ( infusing beautiful textures and colours, carefully applying terra sigillata, slips and glazes ) and to the edges and finishing (smoothing, rounding and polishing). 

All pieces are fired to Cone 6 (2285 degrees fahrenheit) in either the first or second firing, ensuring full vitrification  of the clay. Food-safe glazes are used on any item which may be used for food or drink  .Hand washing is strongly recommended

Because each item is handmade there will be variations between individual pieces.

All my life I have been a "maker" in the time not required to get an education, build a family and pursue a career. Various interests have included old house renovations, furniture building, stained glass, sewing, needlecrafts and gardening. And while all of these retain their appeal to me, I am now more than happy to delve deeply into the world of clay.